The Fertilista

I meet with beautiful women every day who are desperate to start a family or to give their children a sibling. For most of these women, seeking acupuncture for infertility is really their entree into the world of holistic medicine. Sometimes they are looking to try naturally and other times, they want to support their IVF efforts any way possible. As I follow a client through her journey, many times she will ask me questions like, “I was one the Pill for years, is this why I am not pregnant?” or “My RE only saw 8 follicles during the ultrasound, is this really enough for the IVF retrieval?”. They are often shocked to find out that many other clients have asked me that exact same questions. That is when I had my “aha moment” and knew that other women were in the exact same situation and needed some guidance. Hence, I started the Fertilista!

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